What is RoD?

Rod of Discord is a comprehensive D&D helper bot for Discord, intended for use with play-by-post campaigns, but can also be helpful for live campaigns.


  • Rolling: .roll 1d20 + 3 # sword attack! You can perform a variety of dice rolls, grouped rolls, advantage/disadvantage, and apply labels!
  • Roll Saving: .saveroll sword 1d20 + 5 # sword attack; 1d8 + 2 # slashing damage => .roll sword Save your most used rolls for later as singular or grouped rolls.
  • Mobile Shorthand:
    • Shorthand Attacks: .roll 5:2.8:2 => .roll 1d20 + 5 # hit; 2d8 + 2 # damage Designed to use only characters on the number keyboard section of your phone, quickly generate attacks with the minimum information required!
    • Shorthand Checks: .roll c3 => .roll 1d20 + 3 The quickest way to roll your skill checks!
  • Aliasing: .use mychar Hey, I'm talking as this guy! Want to use a custom avatar / name to post as an NPC, or just don't want to replace your global Discord avatar with your player's pic? Our webhook aliasing features will make it easy for you to post as other people, and with a built-in permission system, your DM can make sure no one else plays as you!
  • Perma-alias: .setalias mychar Autoflag all your following chat to be aliased as a particular character so you don't have to keep typing .use!
  • Call For Rolls: .callfor "Initiative!" Roll your initiative guys! @Party Target a particular role or users, gather rolls for initiative, group saves, skill checks easily, keep track of who has responded, and keep a log you can check if you think someone rolled incorrectly.
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How do I get this bot on my server?

Why does it say [BOT] next to my npcs and aliases?

  • I use webhooks to display chat with unique avatars and messages, so it's actually the bot saying it, not you.

Will you join my game?

  • Maybe? I definitely won't DM it!

Can I host it myself?

Can I pay you for this?

  • In lieu of a donation to me, maybe join or start a D&D game from our LFG section, and enjoy yourself!

I found a bug!